The artistic work of Sandro Bottari has roots in painting. Since 1996, he carries out a research on visual expression, aimed at enhancing the relationship among certain colors, numbers, and quasi-numerical signs poured onto the support through an emotional process of writing, yet, willing to integrate in the whole composition.

His research experiments the retrieval of objects, food and packaging from the world of retail, which become ingredients, along with the painting (which is never denied) of a visual and behavioural research, open and manifold. The 
paraphernalia , already set and started, then will be enriched by gestures, sounds, quotes, noises, words, clothing, and actions.

The numerous and significant installations and performances use in great deal this 
material , which becomes the object of a continuous game of matching and variance, cover-ups and recoveries, explosions and implosions; this material, stored and acted in a behavioral context, shows a complex and original creative existence, shunning from being satisfied of temporary achievements, but rather realising an endless search for an aesthetic and ethical objective so necessary and attractive as unknown and unreachable.

Stage in this path is the recent production of 
in serie works called "Vacuum", which is the result of a desire of synthesis, though partial and not definitive, between visual and behavioral needs that always feed the research of Sandro Bottari.